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This web is dedicated to all Kirouac ancestors and descendants of those who have migrated to Michigan back in the 1920's. The web will continue to grow as we add testimonials and photos from the families over time. We encourage you to share your family stories and photos so that we can make this a complete representation of all members of our family. 


The page links at the top of this page will take you to the history of the Kirouac family. The stories on that page are from family members telling the individual stories of their family history. We are all Kirouac descendants but we all have individual family stories that are unique; please consider sharing them with us.


The news page is for all things happening (births, deaths, reunions, general news, etc.) and to let everyone know about the achievements of individual family members. When we receive new news, the page will be updated.


The photo page will show the Kirouac family over the years. If you have any photos that you would like to post, please send them from the "contact us" page.


The links page is for all family members to display their family or your business web. If you have a graphic that you would like to add to your link, please send that along with the link information.




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